Video Deposition Services in Alabama

Video Deposition Services in Alabama

Video Deposition.  Covering Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee and the entire southeast.  Let our legal video production team  capture your next witness and sync the video with your transcript.  We use the latest syncing software such as Trial Director and can work with whatever software your firm may be using now.

Video Visions is your connection for Hi-Definition legal video. We can capture to SD cards (no more annoying tape changes) DVD or Digital Tape.

We now offer live-streaming of video depositions.  Broadcast your next deposition via a secure private video stream.  You control who attends.  This is a great way to save on travel expenses and with broadband connections now abundant, the quality and reliability is outstanding!

Video Visions offers the following services:

  • Settlement/Mediation Presentations
  • Video conversion to mpeg
  • Depositions (1, 2 or 3 camera recording)
  • Day in the Life Productions
  • Industrial Inspections
  • Editing
  • Audio Enhancement
  • Jury Simulations
  • Dubbing
  • Live Deposition Streaming

Video Depositions…

Video Visions is committed to staying connected with ever-changing video and computer technology. With video to transcript syncing, your witness’ testimony will be clear and effective.

With a video deposition, the jury benefits by seeing and hearing the witness. Facial expressions, body language and tone of voice show much more about a witness than what he or she actually says. Jurors retain more information from a live witness than from listening to a transcript read aloud. Keep your jury focused on the facts presented on video instead of the clock. Save your clients time and money by using a video presentation to the jury. Video Visions deposition services will reinforce your strong argument. Call Video Visions to learn how a jury presentation using video can strengthen your next trial.

With two decades of legal video experience and degrees in Mass Communications, the videographers and editors at Video Visions are well equipped to provide any legal video or audio service. We follow CLVS regulations.

The Video Visions staff can travel anywhere, anytime.