Sports Video

Sports/Recruiting Video

If you have a student athlete that you think has college potential, let Video Visions help you put a highlight reel together. It’s affordable, beneficial and easier than you think! We can use existing footage that you may have or let one of our professionals come out and shoot your athlete’s skills!

Coaches that do not have time to scout talent depend on these types of videos to choose scholarship athletes as well as non-scholarship athletes. With our expert guidance, you can have an 8-10 minute highlight reel that demonstrates your child’s best qualities and can be sent to multiple schools or coaches.



Shooting Tips…

  • Call Video Visions
  • It’s never to early to start taping your
  • Always use a tripod
  • Watch what you say while taping
  • Record at the highest quality
  • Keep your child as close as possible in the frame
  • Log your tapes or files
  • Call Video Visions

…And now a word from our clients…

Susan, Everyone has complimented the tape and the way you put it together – Very Professional and Well Done. Thank you. We cannot Thank you enough for helping and please know how much everyone is Impressed with your work and the product you put together for us. Thank You!” Major Ogilvie